The Scandal 

Video Posted By Sheriff Smith Via Facebook 

Statement By Sheriff Smith Regarding Video  

Breaking Through Media Report August 23, 2019

Breaking Through Media Report August 28, 2019  

Breaking Through Media Report September 12, 2019

The Proof 

All court transcripts, indictments, and affidavits were obtained by searching public records and obtaining files from the Federal court clerk office in Harrisonburg, VA. Stop Trafficking Augusta encourages all residents to take the time to read, learn and understand the importance of this issue.

Felix Chujoy State Indictment 10-15-2012

Felix Chujoy State Indictment Judges Letter 

Federal Agent Affidavit 

Indictment December 2014 

Indictment October 2015

Transcript of Federal Motions Hearing 

Transcript of Federal Jury Trial 

Federal Appellant Court Report 

Lawsuit Filed On Behalf of Inmate Chris Moore